Padraic Kissane

Padraic Kissane has been involved in Financial Services for over 37 years.  He has extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of Financial Services.

Padraic reached national prominence because of his involvement in uncovering what has become known as the “Tracker Mortgage Scandal” which is the largest ever financial wrongdoing uncovered in Ireland.  The Tracker Scandal affected thousands of customers from every lender. 


Padraic’s tireless work on the ‘Tracker Scandal’ helped uncover the scandal helping his own clients and thousands of other affected customers to get resolve matters and set things right.


Padraic has made numerous presentations to the Oireachtas Finance Committee and indeed has assisted the committee with its work in the area of Tracker Mortgages.


Padraic is recognised as the foremost expert in the area. It has been noted on record within the Oireachtas “Padraic Kissane has done a remarkable service for the customers affected and for the state for his work on the Tracker Mortgage Scandal.”


In April 2019, Padraic was appointed onto the Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) to assist in the rebuilding of trust in financial services and, in particular the Banking area.


Padraic is passionate about what he does and believes financial advice and how this is delivered is of the utmost importance to individuals and families in terms of trust, ability, and responsibility.


He views his role, for his clients as both a responsibility and a privilege.